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81 August 22nd 2014 3:06 pm

For many, the name "Beats" is still foremost associated in their minds with overpriced, bass-heavy headphones. Now the company seeks to shake that stigma with products like the Solo2. The improvements may still not be worthy of its $200 price tag, but it's still a major step up for Beats.

The Solo2 features an updated and refined design borrowed straight from Beats' Studio lineup, which TechCrunch says looks "dramatically better" than its predecessor. Mashable calls them the "most attractive smaller-cup" headphones they've ever seen, while TrustedReviews says the changes will make them "more accessible to a wider age group." And not only are they more attractive and accessible, but CNET says the Solo2 headphones are "built more sturdily" as well.

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TechCrunch Jun 11, 2014

If you’re looking for everyday walkaround headphones, the Beats Solo 2 are hard to beat. They’re good-looking, they sound plenty good enough for most users, and they’re very comfortable.

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CNET Jun 13, 2014

These Solo 2 may not win audiophile hearts and ears, but for its intended audience -- namely, folks who are looking for a fast, exciting headphone with lots of high-quality bass -- this is an excellent on-ear headphone.

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PC Mag Jul 2, 2014

Fans of booming low-end won't be disappointed by the Beats Solo 2 headphones' powerful bass and distortion-free audio performance.

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TrustedReviews Jun 24, 2014

Beats is continually improving its headphones, and the Beats Solo 2 are better than the Solo HD in a few respects. However, the continued bass-centric approach limits their appeal among fans of good sound.

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GadgetMac Jul 1, 2014

With an improved sound, the Solo 2 are now more balanced but still a very warm sounding pair of headphones that don't lack a tasteful thumpy low-end ... The trouble we have with them is that they're not high-end or premium enough to merit a $200 price tag.

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First Looks

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Engadget May 29, 2014

Where Beats didn't excel with the new model is comfort. I've never been a fan of the way this brand of headphones feels when I wear them, and unfortunately, the Solo² is more of the same.

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product preview
Gizmodo May 29, 2014

The Solo2s definitely still slant towards very powerful bass, though, not to the point of completely obfuscating mids and highs. These cans are still way better suited to blasting hip hop than to, say, 90's alternative where you'd want a little more clarity.

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product preview
CNET May 29, 2014

Like with the new Studios, Beats has tamped down the bass a bit and gone with a more accurate sound profile with better detail (that doesn't mean there isn't strong bass, but it isn't as hyped).

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product preview
The Wall Street Journal May 29, 2014

That means hip-hop and modern pop sound at home on the Solo2, and to me, nearly everything else—including rock, jazz, and classical—sounded great, too. If you’re a more traditional audiophile, however, the Solo2 won’t win you over.

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Wired May 29, 2014

One of the traditional knocks on all Beats headphones is that while they are well-built, durable, and good-looking, they are also severely tuned to the low end. You like hearing mids and highs in your music? Tough luck. Well, the new Solo 2s address this critique.

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product preview
Tom's Guide May 29, 2014

It's anyone's guess as to how the company's newly minted relationship with Apple with impact its headphone division, but it's widely anticipated that the brand will strive for a higher level of quality when it comes to its products.

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product preview
The Next Web May 29, 2014

Beats has also made strides to make the Solo2 more comfortable ... It said the external frame has been “curved like never before” with angled earcups for a natural fit. The hope being that even after a long-haul flight or nine-hour shift at your desk, they’ll still feel snuggly.

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s3nnh3is3r s3nnh3is3r

These headphones are good, don't get me wrong but you can get MUCH better headphones for MUCH less money. I don't see how these can be compared to sennheiser or Audio Technica, even BOSE is better than Beats. Back to this headphone, the best criteria on it is Design, which is the reason Beats...

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HeadphoneDude HeadphoneDude

Just a mediocre and overpriced headphone. Similar sound quality to the type you get free on an airplane. All the money you pay goes towards the beats logos on the side. You can get a better headphone for $20.

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