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Following in the footsteps of the original Beats Studio headphones, the sound profile of the new Beats Electronics Studio headphone set isn't for everyone, but a slew of overall improvements still make it a very attractive option. Beats Electronics decided to improve the comfort of the new Studio set by going with foam ear cups, and Pocket-Lint says they're "soft, squiggly, and sit like giant marshmallows on the ears." The Studio headphones are geared towards more fun, casual music listening, offering what CNET calls "much improved overall clarity." While they may not deliver the same level of noise cancellation as the QuietComfort 15, they're still "good" at keeping outside noises out, according to TrustedReviews. Their price and sound profile don't make them an easy recommendation, but for those music lovers who just need a pair of fun headphones with noise-cancelling ability and aren't too sensitive about price, the new Studio headphone set just might fit the bill.

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CNET Sep 30, 2013

They may not be a bargain at $300, but the new Beats Studio headphones are lighter and better-built, and sound significantly better than the original Beats Studio model.

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PC Mag Dec 31, 2013

The Beats Studio is a celebrity-endorsed bass machine, but the headphones are comfortable and powerful, and if you like the look and the booming bass sound, you won't be disappointed.

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Pocket-Lint Aug 7, 2013

Comfortable, flexible, and with improved isolation compared to the original model, the Beats Studio 2013 will be five-stars for some, one star for others. ... They'll work for some, but not all.

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Reviewed.com Headphones Nov 21, 2013

Of course, if you just want hot style, big bass, and a bit of peace and quiet all rolled into one overpriced package, then these sleek Studios might be just the thing.

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T3 Aug 14, 2013

Still as exciting as walking into a wild night club, this time with extra consideration for bigger sonic detail alongside bass blasts. The new design means they’re brilliant for use on the go when killing background chatter takes precedence over ultimate sonic performance.

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iLounge Aug 15, 2013

It’s certainly an improvement over its predecessor, and worthy of the Beats name, but more aggressive pricing and further enhancements to its audio would make it easier to recommend.

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ChipChick Aug 2, 2013

Beats has turned the volume down on the bass, but there is no denying how crisp the vocals are delivered, and even instrumentals. You have to give credit, where credits do.

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TrustedReviews Aug 14, 2013

The Beats Studio improve upon their predecessors with simpler active noise cancellation and a more streamlines design. They're enjoyable headphones, but thanks to a few sound issues we'd recommend checking out a few other sets for becoming part of the Beats brigade.

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AHenny5 AHenny5

When I first got my pair, it took me a couple months to get use the the ANC (active noise cancellation) but now im good with it and is great blocking out the noisy kids on my bus!

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s3nnh3is3r s3nnh3is3r

I have to deduct a point becuase these need CHARGING? How shameful... I'm also deducting a point for its price. I mean come on! There are so many better headphones for the same price and even less. Too much bass, it's like wearing a boombox rather than headphones, they don't focus on vocals and...

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