July 24th 2013 1:48 pm

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  • Sound quality When comparing these to the older Beats Studio, there is a night and day difference. These headphones are good all-around listeners - heavy bass or no bass. good
  • Design and form factor They're smaller than the original studios. They've got a few useful features (Rechargeable battery, auto on/off, and that ever-present foldable design). great!
  • Comfort I would say these are more comfortable than the Bose QC15s (pressure due to the Active Noise Canceling is less apparent). great!
  • Noise isolation Not as good as the Bose. There is a slight hiss when the feature is active. A useful feature nonetheless! so-so
  • Durability The hard plastic/rubber materials won't bend/break quite as easily as one would think, but these are nowhere near the VMODA M-100s when it comes to durability! good
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