May 7th 2010 4:11 pm

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  • Number of ports 4 ports. Yeah. I checked. good
  • Design and form factor It's round. And kind of cute. And stacks. good
  • Portability I suppose it's portable, albeit not if you expect it to be powered. so-so
Detailed review
Still my main USB hubs - I have a bunch of these as well as the black ones. Apart from a few PSU burnouts no actual unit failures to date I think, although when stacked, units on the bottom can overheat and cause abnormalities if there's a lot of data flying to and fro.

The stacking mechanism is also not all that secure (or engages that well), and when you do have a small tower of these the cables become a nightmare to manage / cause the tower to topple over.

However, a nice, compact 4-port hub which appears to deliver reasonable throughput. I can't really think of anything really bad to say about it.