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by nitehawk

Airport Extreme or Express? Small house, lots of stairs
I have a Belkin N600 and want to upgrade my wifi situation. Since most of my devices are "designed in California" I want an Airport device.
Here's my situation:
I used to have a 2008 Airport express. I tried to use this as a router, but it sucks for that, prompting me to buy the Belkin N600. I used the AE for Airprint and Airplay, but sold it recently when the chance came up.
The price for a 2012 Airport Express and 2011 Airport Extreme are both around $70. The 2013 Airport Extreme is too much at... Read more →

by nitehawk

Tips for Roku wifi connection issues?
I recently bought a Roku 2 XS for bedroom viewing of netflix, amazon instant and pandora. I live in a townhouse with thick walls and 2 sets of stairs. My router is on the main floor and though I realized that the connection would be slower upstairs than the main floor, watching netflix has become impossible when someone is watching on the tv in the living room. I have a solid router, surround sound sets for both tvs and have tried moving around the Roku with no improvement. Tips and advice are... Read more →