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  • Ease of use Took a lil bit to get it to work since I wanted to set up a NAS. I finally gave up and since have had absolutely no issues. good
  • Speed / throughput I can finally connect all my devices at once! Has reduced the lag in online gaming and surfing! good
  • Configurability / networking features If you're smarter than me you can likely utilize the function to set up a NAS, but I couldn't get it to work great!
  • Reliability Everyday when I leave I unplug it and when I come back I plug it back in along with a bunch of other devices and the wifi is up and running in 2 min or less great!
  • Range My place isn't that big and I mainly use it on the same floor so this is not a big issue. good
  • Durability Hasn't broken yet despite being knocked over multiple times! I've had it since June 2011 great!
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I saw Belkin was having a big sale and thru reading the reviews on the Amazon/newegg/etc I figured that the routers would be a good investment. I had been using a dinky comcast router that was rated for N, but I always had trouble connecting more than 2 devices at once. I could never have my iPhone connected to the wifi, be torrenting and playing PS3 online! If my wife and I were both online surfing neither of us could have our smartphones connected to the wifi without issues either! It got to be too annoying and since the pricepoint for this was about $50 I went for it.

One of the main features I was excited for was setting up a Network Attached Storage. Well, I tried for about a week before giving up and just being happy that this router allowed me to connect more devices without connection issues. I don't torrent as much as I used to, but have never had issues with this device when doing so. I think it's a great router for a techie couple/roommates as long as your apartment/condo isn't too big. If you only have a laptop and game console this may be overkill. However, I do believe this helped reduce some of the lag I was used to playing CoD on my PS3.

My iPhone goes from 3 bars of wifi to 2 bars when in my bedroom up one floor from my router and I can't imagine this being too effective throughout a 3 story house if heavy internet traffic like online gaming or video streaming was needed in the basement or "edges" of the network. Maybe the N750 would be better, but this is a solid router and definitely worth the $$.