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by frankspin

Anyway to test if your wiring is suitable for powerline adapters?
I have an office in my place that gets wireless coverage but it's a very weak signal. It's connected via N but because of the signal the speeds are more in line with G and the reliability is unstable. I was going to look into a repeater but I remembered powerline adapters. I know powerline is dependent on the wiring in the house so I was wondering if anyone knew of a test you could do to check if it's a viable option?

by ddpacino

Best dual-mode wireless-N router today?
I still own the Netgear WNR834B from about 2006, and feel that it's time to get it replaced. It's a draft N router anyways. Ive went ahead and added a wireless-N card to my laptop so that all my devices are 802.11n compatiable (360 S, iPad, and Nexus S already have wireless-N built-in). What, in your opinion and experience, is the best dual-mode wireless-N router out today, preferably one with the best range (since I live in a 2-story house with FiOS modem in the basement). Would also like one...

by theundecided

having trouble connecting to my Western Digital My book
I am having trouble using the back usb port on the router to connect my Western Digital My book (I wish there was a way to point to another gadget here...) I have turned off the virtual cd that comes with the hd (quite annoing ) I connected a small 8 gigabyte flash drive and it worked fine...(yes I do have that softwhere installed so I can "see" the drive) but no luck with the 500gbt hard drive...

by SosiaIsOn

Can't see connected computers/drives
For some reason the router won't let my computers or other components see each other. I was previously running the regular N version of this drive and everything was able to see each other, even my TiVo could find the HDD in my computer room. I upgraded to the N+ when my boyfriend moved out and now my computers can't see one another and the TiVo can no longer see the computers. I'm guessing it has something to do with the fact that the router is set up to be a very simple NAS but I...

by jaxim

Full Broadband Speed - FAIL
I just got Cablevision's Optimum Online Ultra service with blazing fast speeds of up to 101 Mb/s. If I connect my computer directly to the cable modem, I get the full speed if not more. However, when I place this router in the middle of my computer and modem, I get on average 35 Mb/s. Sometimes, I get 47 Mb/s. And only once did I see it go to 101 Mb/s but it dropped immediately back down to 35 Mb/s. So I know the router is capable of transferring those speeds, but the question is how to... Read more →

by philspice1

Blinking internet light
For some reason, the internet light will start blinking after this router has been in use for a month or so. Everything seems to keep working fine, it's just annoying. Unplugging it for a second or two and plugging it back in gets it to stop. Anyone else notice this and know why it happens?