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BenQ's W1070 is an affordable home theater projector that delivers image quality above what its price tag would suggest. In testing the projector, Home Theater Review found the W1070's image quality to be "pretty darn good," and Trusted Reviews says the W1070 "comfortably surpassed our expectations." As this is a projector, it's not going to have great sound, as T3 says it's "not a sound system for movies," but they also think "it does the job when you want some impromptu gaming action." With support for 3D, two HDMI 1.4a inputs, impressive image quality for the price, and a price south of a grand, it's hard to overlook the W1070 if you want a projector on the cheap.

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Sound+Vision Apr 17, 2013

I’d say the W1070 offers 70% of the performance of projectors in the $3,000-4,000 price range for less than a third of their cost. While it’s not perfect, it’s bright, fairly accurate, and, for the price, quite excellent.

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PC Mag Mar 25, 2013

The BenQ W1070 3D home entertainment projector offers high-quality 1080p video that's bright enough to stand up to ambient light, but it shows rainbow artifacts relatively easily.

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CNET Mar 1, 2013

If you want a huge, good-looking image for a little money, few come close to the BenQ W1070 projector.

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Home Theater Review Apr 29, 2013

While not perfect, BenQ's W1070 single-chip 3D HD DLP projector is a great starting point for those considering getting into the front-projection game.

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Digital Versus Feb 18, 2013

The BenQ W1070 is a remarkable projector. With accurate colours in Standard mode, high contrast and absolutely no crosstalk in 3D, it rivals its higher-end competitors at a lower price. Other brands should take an example from BenQ!

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TrustedReviews Dec 13, 2012

Once we'd managed to work round its setup limitations and figured out how to avoid a couple of initial picture niggles, we were left with pictures from the BenQ W1070 that comfortably surpassed our expectations.

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T3 Mar 29, 2012

If you're after an easy-to-accommodate Full HD projector, this smart looking DLP model delivers. It packs a bright 2,000 lumens punch, dispensing 1080p images which ping with detail. While the W1070 is Full HD 3D capable, no Active Shutter glasses are supplied in the box.

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What Hi-Fi May 10, 2013

The sharp and clear picture impresses, but lack of subtlety in dark scenes and motion issues hamper this budget offering

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GregaryG GregaryG

I love it ! Nice and bright for my living room and the 1080p is stunning! Two HDMI's are nice, as I have one for my Laptop and another for the Xbox. Haven't used the 3D yet, as the glasses are $35+ and have no 3D sources.

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