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BenQ has already made an impression on us with their W1070, and the W1080ST offers more of the same, with just a shorter throw to differentiate the two. The W1080ST still delivers images that surpass its price point, and PC Mag says "the color quality, and image quality in general, was good to excellent in my tests." At under $1000, BenQ manages to deliver a projector that Trusted Reviews calls their "niftiest projector yet."

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PC Mag Apr 4, 2013

The BenQ W1080ST 3D home entertainment projector offers a short throw, high-quality 1080p video, and 3D, plus it's bright enough to let you leave the lights on.

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Digital Versus Feb 10, 2014

The W1080ST has all the same advantages as the W1070 (faithful colours, high contrast, flawless 3D...) and adds a short-throw lens that allows it to project an over two-metre-wide image from just 1.5 metres away. In other words, another home run from BenQ!

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About Jul 19, 2013

With its compact form factor, short throw lens, strong light output, 2D and 3D viewing capability, ease-of-use, and affordable price, the BenQ W1080ST is worth consideration.

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