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by dotbeepdoot

Closed platform? Open platform?
I'm interested to see what the overall feeling is in 2012 in regards to this. I have been a simultaneous Android and Blackberry/WP7 user over the years and I always prided myself in my Android loyalty and scoffed at those who claimed the open-ness of Google's OS hampered the overall user experience. Last month I received my first iPhone and I think I'm starting to pull a 180. I believe at this point, especially after experiencing iOS firsthand, Google should really consider pulling in the reigns... Read more →

by PluckYew

Which 4g phone should I buy?
I have AT&T with a grandfathered unlimited data plan but prefer Verizon's performance. I am using an iphone 3gs. Itunes frakked my music collection and I hate it. I need Exchange support, though we do have a BES in house. Security is the most important. Had a BB curve a couple of years ago it was SOOOooo Slow and I had to pull the battery so often, I installed the battery puller app.

by dave

Were you affected by the recent BlackBerry outage?
Last week, BlackBerry suffered a 3-day outage. To try and placate affected customers, RIM is offering $100 in free downloads from BlackBerry App World.

Were you affected by the outage? Are you going to take advantage of the free apps (and does this make up for the outage)?

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by peter

Who would have thought five years ago that Apple & Google would be dominating the smartphone market in 2011?
It's amazing how much things can change in such a relatively short period of time. Back in 2006 the big players were Nokia, RIM, Microsoft (with Windows Mobile), and Palm. Now every single one is struggling. Also serves as a reminder that no matter how high Apple and Google are riding right now, it is still a volatile business and it's not hard to imagine two or three other companies emerging in the next five years to seriously challenge them (like Facebook, for instance).

by AndrewL9008

Can a blackberry continue to work and get data over wifi after it has been deactivated?
I hope to be getting a new phone within the next few months. I've been using a blackberry curve for a while and I've heard that data won't work once the device is no longer activated with a carrier, even over wifi. I was hoping to still be able to use the berry as a simple email/messaging device around the house over my wifi after I moved on to a different phone. Can anybody confirm this is true or not?

by mattgibstein

I've got an old BlackBerry backup file that I'd like to access? Possible?
I know there was an app for Windows that let you view texts, contacts, emails, etc. that were on a BlackBerry backup (the name's escaping me right now)... but it a) was only a 14 day demo b) unable to purchase beyond that because the company stopped supporting it c) I'm on a Mac now. So, my question is: is there any way to access/read what's on my .ipd file? Thanks!