by mattgibstein

I've got an old BlackBerry backup file that I'd like to access? Possible?
I know there was an app for Windows that let you view texts, contacts, emails, etc. that were on a BlackBerry backup (the name's escaping me right now)... but it a) was only a 14 day demo b) unable to purchase beyond that because the company stopped supporting it c) I'm on a Mac now. So, my question is: is there any way to access/read what's on my .ipd file? Thanks!

by ylksa

Recommended Applications for Bold 9700?
What applications do you recommend downloading for this phone? so far I downloaded the following: - BeBuzz: nice and can save a few trips if the phone is charging far away. - BerryReader: this is actually a very good app for Google reader users. - Twitter: looks really nice and works perfectly. So what other apps have you downloaded?

by foxyNinja

I just got my blackberry yesterday. I logged into facebook, and everything was synced automatically, including my contacts and calendars.
I fixed my calendars, but I checked my contact list, and I now have many many duplicates and some are gone! Some contacts have their first name and another contact's last name, and I'm not sure whose numbers they are. I use google sync for my contacts and calendar, but the contacts synced like this to google and they are messed up everywhere! Is there anything that I can do? Thanks

by mtor82

A few days ago my flash randomly came on one day while i was using my phone. I was not using the camera or anything.
I opened the camera hoping to be able to turn it off, but when i turn off flash it doesn't do anything. Then I tried taking a picture, and all that did was make it get really bright for a split second (to flash) then it went back to being on like before. Next I tried pulling the battery, i did it a few times. First for about a minute, 2nd i didn't it for 10min, then i tried 20min, and every time right when I put the battery back in the light instantly comes back on. So I tried a google... Read more →

by markr

Removing MicroSD Card
Is anybody else having a problem removing the microSD card that came with their 9700? After pushing it in, it releases but won't slide out of the slot. The reason I want to remove it is to take my microSD card from my old Curve with all my music and move it into the 9700. Very frustrating having to carry two devices to the gym when only one is necessary.