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by teamtux

I had a 8800, and recently recommended 9700 to my boss. Wish I never did, the guy can shut up about the lag and often it crashes.
He return and exchanged, and its the same. He let me borrow it for a few hours to trouble shoot and have to say that I am pretty disappointed. Maybe because my Droid can handle 2000+ contacts with minimal issues, but the BB is just laggy. Sad that the keyboard and battery are great but the lag just kills me.

by foxyNinja

Which would be the better phone for college? I'm using an iPhone 3g right now, but I can barely last a full day on a charge lately.
Is the battery really that much improved with the iPhone 4? My biggest needs are email, calendars, and web browsing. I prefer a physical keyboard but I can type fairly quickly on my iPhone. I love the speed of the bold. Also, it's probably a lot sturdier than the iPhone 4, and although I rarely drop my phone, you never know what may happen during college ;) Any thoughts?

by peter

Because I would only be gone for about 30 hours I decided not to bring a laptop with me to Chicago this week, just my iPad, Nexus One, and BlackBerry 9700.
Funny thing is that apart from doing a little reading on the plane I didn't end up using my iPad at all -- it was way more convenient for me to do email, check Google Reader, and stay on top of Twitter from my phones. Not saying that I don't enjoy using my iPad or anything, just thought it was interesting that I could have lightened my load even further if I had wanted to and been fine. Obviously this only worked because I wasn't expecting to get any serious work done in Chicago,...

by jamiehs

Need to Get a BB for my Sister Who Lives in the Caribbean
I think my sister uses the equivalent of a pre-paid plan on her network in the Caribbean, but she wants a querty Blackberry for calls, texting and photos/videos. She has no plans of getting a data plan or a BIS plan with the phone company there. Are the t-Mobile or AT&T GSM 9700s carrier locked? How involved would it be to unlock one? Would the 9700 function like a normal texting phone with no BIS/data plan? Thanks for the info, Jamie

by foxyNinja

Webkit Browser - Hint of things to come or proof of slow updates?
Today there was a video on youtube showing off the new webkit browser for blackberry smartphones that is being worked on. Is this a sign that RIM is paying attention to consumers' needs, or is it a flag that they aren't as up to date with the competition as they could be?

by foxyNinja

Upgrading from an iPhone 3g ... Will I be disappointed?
I have an iPhone 3g. I don't like it. I can't stand the lack of physical keyboard, background apps, and the horrible email. I'm probably going to get the Bold 9700. I've used a blackberry before (shortly), but I did notice that the apps and browser are pretty bad, at least for the 8800 series (I haven't tried this phone in person, but I can't imagine many differences). Same with the media. Am I going to regret this decision?

by p51

Can RIM remain a viable option in the consumer space without an OS overhaul
I have been a blackberry fan for a lot longer than a little bit. I am currently trying out the Bold 2. I have no issues with the physical features of the device (well except that i think the keys are too close together). For me, the disconnect occurs on the software side of things. In this age of almost every feature under the sun smartphones, how much longer can RIM expect consumers to overlook the lack of innovation shown in the operating systems of their devices. It seems to be a case of... Read more →

by nef919

3g phones
I realize that T-mob is kinda new at the whole 3g thing but damn where are the 3g phones? Not really feeling the current choices. Would love a Nokia E71 or hell the N97 for that matter, but why would I drop that kinda change for a crippled phone. (no 3g) Please don't tell me to go with the death star. Used to work there and just don't agree with their view on things especially pricing service-wise. Personal choice. Come on T-mob drop some 3g love.