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Detailed review
Signal - The Bold 9700 continues the great lineage of BlackBerry with a very accurate radio indicating your actual coverage and slipping between 3G and EDGE was seamless and more often than not despite being on AT&T was much less apt to drop a call than an iPhone 3GS in the same area. (my own experience in Vegas)

Sound - The speakerphone, handset speaker, and microphone continue to be make the BlackBerry a solid device as a phone. Many times with a smartphone there is a compromise in the sound quality, and again only Nextel devices surpass BlackBerry's quality of speakerphone

Feature List -
Optical trackpad
All day battery life (meaning you could actually forget to put it on the charger for more than 24 hours)
Multi-tasking (actually easy to use with the app switcher on menu key)
MicroUSB port (becoming the standard for all devices by 2012)
Charging ports (for cradled charging less wear and tear on usb port)

Ultimately this is the modern version of the original Bold. I like to think of the original Bold as the 50s Cadillac, and the Bold2 as the Cadillac CTS. You get a much better 3G radio stack, a seemingly lighter device, and one that will last you all day.