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ylksa ylksa

One of the best BlackBerries out there, the combination of touch screen and keyboard is amazingly handful. The phone is great to hold and the keyboard is really great. It's light and thin. Am in love with it.

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dotbeepdoot dotbeepdoot

This is a tough phone to review, a few points to go over before I expand on that: * This is the best BlackBerry I have ever used * This is the best keyboard I have ever used * This is the best battery life I have seen from a touchscreen device * This phone is 2-3 years too late to impact the...

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gbilton gbilton

it it the only phone i would carry right now it has the best keyboard EVER put on a phone and a battery that lasts more then a day (avg 3 days)

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jeepguynola jeepguynola

Best Blackberry yet, bar none. Magnificent piece of hardware and the software is butter smooth. Restores my faith in RIM, not that I ever listened to all the doomsayers.

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axhng axhng

This is a device that has a niche market, and is not for people looking to use to play games or watch videos on. It is for people who value communication. In terms of communication features, it ticks all the right boxes. A good speakerphone that produces really good quality calls. Good...

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bbuskey bbuskey

the battery life on this one is terrible. I have tried 2 units and 3 batteries, none last longer than 18 hours. I have been told this is an issue with the OS that is on there, and AT&T is supposed to be releasing a new version to fix the issue. We'll see.

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spenserstew spenserstew

I love my blackberry. It is the ultimate device. For me, it has been so much better than any other phone that I have ever had.

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techwrekfix techwrekfix

I hate this phone. At the time it was the only smartphone option my cell provider had. I will be upgrading away from Blackberry very soon.

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