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gbreckley gbreckley

It took a while to get used to not having a touch screen but now I can't imagine not having a trackball. The physical keyboard was essential for me, I do so much messaging (e-mail, sms, mms, blackberry messenger) that an onscreen keyboard (even the iPhones) didn't cut it. If you need to...

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Indrajeet Indrajeet

Pros: Small, light and lean. Feels comfortable in hand and doesn't feel like you are holding a brick. Long Battery life. Will last a whole day with bluetooth, 4 multiple email programs, 2 IM programs, Twitter, Facebook running concurrently The Blackberry OS 4.5 runs smooth without any...

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FastTurtle FastTurtle

The only thing I have good to say about this phone is the sound quality. They keyboard is not easy to type on, it is extremely slow moving between apps, managing contacts and calendar events is a pain, and the browser experience makes me feel like I am using Internet Explorer 3.0. The is by far...

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MrMattux MrMattux

There are so many great things about the Curve that it's hard to start naming them off. You've got RIM's quality communication and business tools, the fantastic handling of e-mail it provides, a decent application base that, until Apple came along, was unlike anything anyone else...

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tgmotoman tgmotoman

Pros: small, terrific bright screen, colors are vibrant easy to navigate cons: keypad is a little small for someone with large hands Overall I really like this phone. The form factor is excellent. Easy enough to hold but I do suggest some type of cover. The included cover for the phone is just...

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puttzy puttzy

Just a warning: This is my first smart phone so my opinion may off since I have little to compare this too. As a phone on the VZW network this thing is great. Good coverage, no dropped calls, clear quality. I have not had a problem with this device as a phone at all. The camera, video...

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barryjkaufman barryjkaufman

When I needed something for phone and e-mail, this was the perfect device. My needs have grown and now I expect more from my handheld device. But this one does not cut the mustard. As with most RIM devices this one was needs to be occasionally reset. (Pull the battery out and wait 5 minutes for...

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rbalch213 rbalch213

This was my first smartphone and I fell in love with the features immediately. I loved getting my emails on my phone, and responding to email/texts was a breeze with the key pad. I was however disappointed with the spead of the internet on AT&T's network(2G only), because of the slow speed I...

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jsciii jsciii

My Curve 8330 does everything. Alarm Clock (never needs the time set), MP3 Player, internet radio, GPS, pod cast receiver, compass, internet browser, phone and e-mail system. It replaced lots of other gadgets. The phone and e-mail systems are well designed and easy to use. The keyboard works...

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ap1618 ap1618

I own the 8310 variant of the curve, and I have left the iphone to stay with the curve. It is a very useful little smartphone that can do a lot. it has a great keyboard, although it may feel a little too stiff if you compare it to the newer bold/tour keyboards. the keys are reasonably spaced...

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jcollie jcollie

I've had this phone for almost a year now and it's been pretty decent. The major problems that I have had is that I've had to have it swapped out twice because the keypad stopped working, probably due to sweat getting into the keyboard while I was outside working. The GPS is also...

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