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by AndrewL9008

Can a blackberry continue to work and get data over wifi after it has been deactivated?
I hope to be getting a new phone within the next few months. I've been using a blackberry curve for a while and I've heard that data won't work once the device is no longer activated with a carrier, even over wifi. I was hoping to still be able to use the berry as a simple email/messaging device around the house over my wifi after I moved on to a different phone. Can anybody confirm this is true or not?

by cass

Is it possible to use the Blackberry 8530 (Verizon version) just over wifi without a phone contract?
I have one of these lying around not currently on a contract and I'd like to use this as a way to use email, Twitter, Facebook, etc... at home. I actually sort of enjoy using it over my Droid X for these tasks. The problem is that its seems like nothing works just over wifi except for the Twitter app. Is this something Blackberry/Verizon does to cripple the phone if it doesn't have a data plan or do I need to change something buried in the settings?