by kstagg

Loving my Curve 8520
The Curve 8520 is an excellent phone. I live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area with the ATT network and this is the best phone I have ever had as reception is excellent - not a single dropped call. That is not an overstatement. They say that this is a "starter phone" for those wanting to get into Blackberry smartphones but to be honest - look at this thing and tell me it doesn't look professional? Free Wi-Fi which connected to my home server effortlessly on the U-Verse network. Great... Read more →

by kmberi

Great second smart phone?
It seems to me given the pricing of this product it would be great for a user like me who has an iPhone but requires a second business smart phone? For me the only really compelling reason to get a Blackberry has always been the email experience and at this price-point I get that which is really all I want. No GPS? I have 3 GPS devices, 2MP camera, I have tons of cameras as well as far as I'm concerned this is just what the doctor ordered

by a1by

Will the trackpad be a hit or miss for BlackBerry?
I personally thing that the trackpad will hopefully resolve the issues of the ball. I've never had to replace mine, but tons of other people apparently too busy eating cheese fries and using their BlackBerry have. All kidding aside, I know that even things like oils from your finger and dust from your pockets can wreak havoc on the shiny orb.