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  • Reception and call quality Compared to some of my other phones from the same carrier and in the same area, the service isn't as good, but it is better than a few that I have used. so-so
  • Display The screen is definitely bright enough, but the resolution isn't the best. It is readable even in direct sunlight with sunglasses on! so-so
  • Battery life I have been hit or miss with my battery life so far, I do a lot of data, but some days it seems like the battery just doesn't want to hold a charge. so-so
  • Camera No comments
  • Ease of use Just like any other Blackberry, messaging is extremely easy on the phone, as well as accessing most features. good
  • Design and form factor I love the keyboard, and the design is typical Blackberry candybar. Very easy to use. good
  • Portability (size / weight) Without a case, the phone is thin and light and easy to carry in a pocket without too much bulge. good
  • Media support Easy to load music and videos to the device using the memory card or the desktop software. good
  • Durability The phone can handle almost anything, made out of a hard plastic with a little bit of soft touch on the sides. Scuffs are the only thing I would worry about. so-so
  • Ecosystem (apps, accessories, etc.) Plenty of accessories available on eBay and through your carrier. You can find plenty of cases through almost any cell phone store, too. good
Detailed review
I have this phone in the CDMA version, and really my only complaint would have to be the signal strength at times. Comparing the phone to some other Sprint phones, and even other Blackberry's, the phone doesn't get the same reception. But this is only a problem in fringe service areas, so if you are always in an area that has good service, there isn't anything to worry about. Sometimes, my battery will seem to drain rather fast, while the next day it will last much longer, with about the same amount of use an apps open. Not sure why, but it usually isn't very bad unless I am using the phone for extended amounts of time. Even though it is plastic, it is extremely durable to drops, and the only thing I worry about when I drop it is if there will be scratches or scuffs on the outside. I have had no problems with anything else, and this is a great Blackberry if you don't need 3G (or, in my case, EVDO Rev. 1), the camera flash, or if you prefer the keyboard style of the Bold series of phones.