June 13th 2009 1:20 am


by jhayward

worth the upgrade?
I'm currently using the Blackberry Curve 8320, and I'm on T-Mobile. I'm curious if anyone out there has switched from the 8320 to the 8900, and if there is any significant reason to switch. The main plus I've noticed for the 8900 is the improved HTML Internet. Am I fine just sticking with the 8320, or is the 8900 really worth the upgrade?

by BoJJo

THE choice
Hi guys! I'm facing two difficult decisions regarding blackberry: 1. To choose a device for my personal use, not work related - I am split between the Curve and the Storm. How much of a handicap is the lack of 3G on the curve / Wifi on the Storm? Just to give you some background, today I'm using the SonyEricsson W890, which is a really small 3G phone, chosen only for its size. Anyway, we are now being offered blackberry contracts really cheap here in Europe and since most of my phone use... Read more →

by ckrass

Your Favorite Apps
Hey guys i want to start the first disscussion about (my) favorite phone the BB8900. add me as a friend and follow me if you also love your bb asmuch as i do. what apps are you guys using on your bb? currently my favorite is facebook :) others -Pandora -Google Maps -Generel games -BLACKBERRY MESSENGER :) (2627d12f is my pin add me :D) please reply thanks :D