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Detailed review
So many phones try to be the iPhone and fail. If you want an iPhone, buy an iPhone. If you want a phone that can multi-task, feel as premium as an iPhone and has flawless email integration, get a Blackberry.

If you decide 400,000 applications you'll never use and a shiny fruit isn't what you're after you really only have the 9000 and the 8900. I chose the 8900 on the grounds that the Bold is exactly what it says on the tin. Bold. The 8900 is smaller, sleeker and has a more usable aspect ratio.

Blackberry App world is nothing in comparison to Apple's app in numbers, but is good enough. It's more a matter of "This is what I need an app for, so I'll find one." than "Ooh! I'll have 12 of these because they look like I'll laugh once then delete them."

The UI looks more premium and luxury than that of the iPhone. The white app logos are really nice and the menu system is more OS X than the iPhone. It's a huge step up over the 8300.

The browser doesn't use multi-touch, but I find is still a joy to use. Blackberry maps aren't as pretty as Google's but navigation works very well. Email setup is flawless as you'd expect from a Blackberry. The Facebook app, just a download away, is amazing in both design and function.

If you like tactile feedback, you will not be let down by this keyboard. If you're used to a qwerty on a phone, you will be typing as normal within an hour.

Battery life seems to be a huge issue on smartphones these days but the battery life on the 8900 is more than enough for me. With Microsoft messenger and AIM running non stop throughout the day and with a good hour or two of browsing I get around 18 hours of battery. This is with Wifi on.

The only thing that lets this phone down is the lack of 3G. I don't really find this is a problem. Coming from an older phone with 3G, pages load faster on this because the pages render so fast.

Overall, a brilliant phone. Not an iPhone, but for my uses, better and considerably cheaper.