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Detailed review
The Blackberry 8900 has been upgraded many times over from the previous curve 8300 series, its really like night in day. It has received many upgrades "under the hood" as well as physical upgrades. There is a new keyboard, and the sim card is now able to be accessed without removing the battery. A big plus if you frequently swap out memory cards.
My very first impression with this device was the screen, it stuck out like a sore thumb. Its is absolutely amazing, it is so crisp that its hard to believe its not a high definition screen. Its truly a life saver on long flights when you have a movie loaded on your micro sd card and your flying in the clouds and have nothing to look at.
Another great feature of this phone is wifi. This really is a lifesaver since the Curve 8900 does not have 3G access on it. To the average person, I high doubt that you will miss 3G enough for it to be a problem. With the way things are these days there is almost always a wifi hotspot within range. For simple web browsing like visiting mobile news sites or a mobile blog edge is sufficient. If your trying to view a website that doesn't have a mobile version you had better be within range of wifi of even better pull out your laptop/netbook.
The feel of the keyboard on this particular curve is as close to perfect as you can get on a phone this size. Speaking of size, the curve 8900 is perfect in that department. It seems that the people at RIM really got into the heads of their customers and listened to what physical attributes they wanted in a phone, and this phone really has it. So with a perfect keyboard, near perfect size, and stunning screen, what is bad on this phone or where does it lack? Two words. App Store. Now this isnt directly a fault of the phone itself, it is a selling point that some will consider. Yes, there are some useful apps available for this phone but some of those come at a steep price. Were talking $29.99 for a instant messaging application!?! Whoa $29.99???? Yes, that's right. There are many useful free apps but the Blackberry App store is nothing compared to the ever so popular iTunes App Store. If you are looking at this phone and thinking that your going to get a bunch of cool apps on it I would tell you to go for the iPhone, or the new iPhone 3GS.
So if your looking for a nice, fresh, hip looking crackberry....I mean Blackberry, and your not afraid to be stuck on a Edge network I would highly recommend the Blackberry Curve 8900, which is currently available on T-Mobile, and AT&T. I would even more so recommend this Blackberry if multiple emails is a part of your everyday life. Blackberry is partly famous just because of how great they're push email service is and the curve 8900 is no different.