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  • Reception and call quality I never had any issues with reception, it was always good to perfect. great!
  • Display BB exp mid-high end ones had brilliant calibrated displays, colours perfect, viewing angles good and also good dpi and they rendered aliased fonts as well. great!
  • Battery life I loved my bb for this only reason, it had awesome battery life in those days. I recall going out even 2-3 days without charge. good
  • Camera I think bb still has one of the best cameras just check out bb's reviews at dpreview connect. They always had a well engineered camera and features. good
  • Ease of use One thing this generation BB had was one of the best polished interfaces, you could do anything very nicely with options never too far to navigate. good
  • Design and form factor BB esp bbod 4+ gen were really well engineered products, and this one was no exception. good
  • Portability (size / weight) Its a well balanced phone with perfect weight and form factor and it snugs fit in. good
  • Media support Not much to do with a tiny screen, you really wouldn't wan to watch movies but if you do you would struggle with limited media support. good
  • Durability Its really a well built product, good
  • Ecosystem (apps, accessories, etc.) BB does not really had a good apps ecosystem and costly accessories didnt help. so-so
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This was bb golden era when they made best phones out there, great typing, features and brilliant hardware combined with excellent BB services. This phone was mid tier phone with great package of features and quality which was fun to use. The attention to details were leagues ahead of ammature iphone3g back then.