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  • Reception and call quality As expected from RIM, brilliant call quality and reception. great!
  • Display A decent display, but a bit on the smaller side. good
  • Battery life Despite having the smallest battery of the lot, in my experience this is the device with the best battery life even compared other OS 7 devices. great!
  • Camera A slightly lackluster camera, lack of auto-focus, lack of HD recording. so-so
  • Ease of use The omission of touch screen means navigation is only done with a trackpad. good
  • Design and form factor The one piece screen looks good, but the glossy battery cover is slightly questionable. It scratches easy and shows fingerprints and smudges. great!
  • Portability (size / weight) The phone is light and slim. You can put it in your pocket and forget that its there. great!
  • Media support As usual with a BB device, support for media codecs are decent. But the small non touch display makes its best for just music playing. so-so
  • Durability Everything feels very nicely fitted. The phone looks and feels really solid. I've dropped mine plenty of times and it still works brilliantly. great!
  • Ecosystem (apps, accessories, etc.) Lack of apps as usual with a BB device. so-so
Detailed review
This might be a Curve, but don't let its name fool you. Its a perfectly capable smartphone, and BlackBerry experience. In fact, its one of the BBOS 7 device with the best battery life despite having the smallest battery.

Though i would have loved an auto-focus camera, but its frankly not a deal breaker.