March 14th 2012 8:38 am

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  • Ergonomics / comfort No comments good
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  • Design and form factor No comments good
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  • Configurability No comments good
  • Portability No comments great!
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Typing on a keyboard designed for a 7" screen is not impossible, which was my main concern before purchase. The chic-let keys make it easier to determine where your fingers are sitting. The trackpad is very useful.

The keyboard comes bound in a custom leather case that fits the Playbook and the mini keyboard perfectly - even with a little kick stand. The case looks similar to the Blackberry Convertible Case.

The keyboard is bluetooth and comes out of the case easily. Pairing it with an iPad was just as easy as any other bluetooth device.

Overall I am happy with it. However if I had a Blackberry Bold 9900 I probably would use that for typing and tracking more over Blackberry Bridge. Or I would prefer a full sized keyboard (full sized as in with a numberpad, which seem to be really hard to find with bluetooth as an option). However, the case makes up for it.
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Hi !!!

I wonder if anyone knows if the blackberry mini keyboard works with a Samsung galaxy note 2.?? I have been looking on lots of keyboards,want to be able to sit in the sofa and controll the phone while it being connected to my tv. Want a Bluetooth keyboard with a trackpad.