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by AndrewL9008

Can a blackberry continue to work and get data over wifi after it has been deactivated?
I hope to be getting a new phone within the next few months. I've been using a blackberry curve for a while and I've heard that data won't work once the device is no longer activated with a carrier, even over wifi. I was hoping to still be able to use the berry as a simple email/messaging device around the house over my wifi after I moved on to a different phone. Can anybody confirm this is true or not?

by kyouto

What makes a smartphone essential to you?
I'm doing an article for my Professional Writing class, and while I'm looking specifically for apps essential to students, I'm looking for a few choice quotes that answer why your device of choice (whether it be Android, iOS, or Blackberry OS) fits into your life so well. Of course there's the fact that it's portable and can take the place of many other devices, etc, but what about specifics?

by dave

What are the strengths of BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) over SMS or even IM?
I keep seeing advertisements on various buses, billboards, and bus stops around San Francisco, touting the benefits of BBM. As someone who's never owned a BlackBerry device, what are some of the benefits of BBM over something like regular IM or SMS / MMS? It seems somewhat antiquated, but I recognize that might just be because I don't understand it.

by foxyNinja

I just got my blackberry yesterday. I logged into facebook, and everything was synced automatically, including my contacts and calendars.
I fixed my calendars, but I checked my contact list, and I now have many many duplicates and some are gone! Some contacts have their first name and another contact's last name, and I'm not sure whose numbers they are. I use google sync for my contacts and calendar, but the contacts synced like this to google and they are messed up everywhere! Is there anything that I can do? Thanks