April 20th 2010 5:50 pm


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by mattgibstein

I've got an old BlackBerry backup file that I'd like to access? Possible?
I know there was an app for Windows that let you view texts, contacts, emails, etc. that were on a BlackBerry backup (the name's escaping me right now)... but it a) was only a 14 day demo b) unable to purchase beyond that because the company stopped supporting it c) I'm on a Mac now. So, my question is: is there any way to access/read what's on my .ipd file? Thanks!

by ryan

I'm interviewing Chris Smith, Senior Director, BlackBerry Development Platform at RIM this week at Le Web -- any burning questions?
Planning to discuss why the platform is lagging behind in terms of developer adoption, fragmentation, RIM's acquisitions of Torch Mobile (which turned into their HTML browser and BlackBerry OS 6) and QNX (which turned into the PlayBook), and the WebWorks platform, among other things. Anything you've been wondering about RIM's strategy that only someone like Chris might be able to answer? Let me know, and I may just ask it on-stage!

by dave

What are the strengths of BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) over SMS or even IM?
I keep seeing advertisements on various buses, billboards, and bus stops around San Francisco, touting the benefits of BBM. As someone who's never owned a BlackBerry device, what are some of the benefits of BBM over something like regular IM or SMS / MMS? It seems somewhat antiquated, but I recognize that might just be because I don't understand it.