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by Deletham

Spotify or Zune Pass?
I'm in possession of a Windows Phone Mango Device, an Xbox 360, and a BlackBerry Playbook (It was a gift, don't judge me). What I want to know is if I am better off using a service like Spotify which has no proprietary requirements or should I go totally Microsoft and get a Zune Pass? Either way I am looking for a Spotify-like service to phase out iTunes or Zune music purchasing.

by bluemacro

Is the Playbook worth it for $300 off retail?
I am hemming and hawing about getting the Playbook now that the price has dropped for the Holidays to $199 16GB, $299 32GB and $399 64GB.
I want to use it primarily for media consumption, but I want to be able to have the choice to use my favorite apps like Kindle, Wunderlist, and Netflix. Any thoughts on if Android Player might support these and the rest of the Android Market? I think the perfect price for a decent Android tablet running Honeycomb + is $299.
I know there are currently others out... Read more →

by andrewkalies

Kindle Fire vs. BlackBerry Playbook
In terms of usability, media consumption, battery life, etc., which is better?

I realize the Fire is brand new, dual core, and has a seriously good marketplace backing it, but I've also heard very good things about the Playbook.

Main uses would be web browsing and reading e-books.

You can get a brand new Playbook (16GB) for $345, while the brand new Kindle Fire (6GB for actual content) is $200.

So gdgt community, which is better overall?

by kristaescobar

What is the best tablet to use for PowerPoint presentations?
[I would prefer an Android-based tablet since I'm already familiar with that platform.]

By "best tablet" I mean, which is the most reliable and intuitive device for running PowerPoint? What about connecting the tablet to a projector? Do they all have mini HDMI? Of course I wouldn't be designing the presentations on the tablet, simply running them.

Thoughts? Any help is appreciated!

by peter

Is there anyone who was thinking of buying an iPad, PlayBook, or Honeycomb tablet who bought a TouchPad instead?
I ask because it seems like most people buying these super cheap TouchPads either already have a tablet or weren't really in the market for one anyway. Seems like relatively few people are buying one instead of another tablet that they were intending to purchase (though obviously that must be the case for at least some people).

by trevrock

How damaging is it to keep a device's screen on?
I'm wondering how bad it is for the device's life or the device screen's life to keep it on for extended periods of time. For example, with most tablets there are interesting Clock or Task apps that would be great to keep on beside my desk at all time, however, I'm concerned this constant on state is bad for the screen and therefore not worth it.

by Janricr

How to direct Playbook browser from mobile site to desktop for google sites
I was trying the playbook in one of the stores near my house. It's really an imppresive device. The device is solid and it really feels good in the hand. My question right now is that I am trying to log on to google calendar on the playbook browser, however, it keeps sending me to the mobile version. I tried to see if there's a link inside the mobile version to shift to the desktop version. Any ideas on how to configure the playbook browser to shift to a desktop browser instead of the mobile...

by fraseringermany

Why should I really want a tablet? what am I supposed to do with it in my daily life?
I feel like the marketing push for tablets is huge right now and I am wondering why I should even care about this category... If I have a smartphone for my on the move needs and a laptop at home, why would I want to add another device into my life?

by danrohde

Do you think we'll soon be able to answer the phone on our Playbook?
I know it has a mic along with some pretty decent speakers, and, as of my latest OS update, it now tells me who's calling on the screen, and gives me the option of turning off the ringer. Anyone have a read on how soon / if we'll be able to actually just use the Playbook as a speaker-phone?

by willw

Anyone else wish the could use their BB as a wireless keyboard for PlayBook?
I've been thinking this would be an excellent addition to the BlackBerry Bridge application. Would increase the value of both devices and save me from ever having to bring a bluetooth keyboard with me, since I'd always have my phone on me. I posted this idea in a blog today: http://www.willw.net/blackberry-smartphone-as-wire... Anyone else think this would be good? Will RIM do it??

by willw

What is the best Monitor/HDTV for the PlayBook?
I am looking to buy a Monitor or HDTV to use with my PlayBook and MacBook Pro. Is there a monitor that works best with the PlayBook? Any recommendations? Anyone seen RIM recommend anything? Bonus question: if a monitor is able to swivel to portrait orientation, will that display the PlayBook in portrait?

by trevrock

App suggestions for the Blackberry Playbook
I'm wondering if anybody has found any great apps for the Playbook I haven't heard of. The ones that I like / use the most so far are: - Tweedless (Twitter client) - Globe News (Canadian News App) - Scrapbook - Facebook - Dillo Hills ('inspired' by Tiny Wings for the iPhone) - Air Ball (Dribble browser) - doodlAir demo (drawing app)