September 27th 2010 4:34 pm


by cjeam

BB playbook, or Nexus 7?
In the UK at the moment the 64GB blackberry playbook is available for £129, (and for me £116) the Nexus 7 is £159 or £199 for the 8GB and 16GB versions respectively. (and for me the 16GB is £179)
Which to buy?
Hardware numbers wise the Nexus seems a little better however stereo speakers, the rear camera, and the 64GB on the Playbook seen like a bonus, however I use the cloud for a lot of storage and stream media.
OTOH the Nexus is android, therefore full access to the play store and all the... Read more →

by Tekcellence

Behold the Second Coming of Microsoft
Microsoft, when they unveiled their tablets today, created an entirely new market, or rather, reinvented an old market. Now, they are in a position that could allow them to dominate the tablet space in a few short years. If you don't believe me, read on...
Unlike rival tablets, such as the many Android variants, the BlackBerry PlayBook, which I think is an excellent tablet, but I digress; and others that compete with the iPad, Microsoft has the potential to bring to market a ready made success.... Read more →

by dotbeepdoot

Did iMessage usher in the beginning of true synergy??
Earlier this week Apple announced the arrival of their new OSX build called Mountain Lion. One of their heralded new features was the introduction of iMessage to the desktop platform with the idea being simple: 1 conversation continued across any of Apple's hardware be it iPod touch, iPad, or iPhone, with iMessage you will never stop the conversation.
I myself downloaded the beta of iMessage and tested this out first hand, I had my iPad, iPhone, and MacBook Pro in front of me as I carried on in... Read more →

by Fanfoot

Predictions for 2012
Seems like a worthwhile topic of discussion is predictions for 2012. I know a lot of podcast hosts are doing it around now since it gives them a podcast to drop in the hopper while they're off on vacation. Seems like there might be some worthwhile opinions on this forum, so maybe this'll catch a few comments.

I'd suggest:
- Make all your predictions in one post
- Comment on others predictions by replying to their post.
- Make your own predictions by replying to this root post.

by nitehawk

Here is the future of mobile productivity!
LightPad to the rescue!
Boom, the versatility of a smartphone, no need to buy a smartphone and tablet to be a "road warrior." This is what I have been looking for in that you don't need a third device, you just have to be able to use your phone in conjunction with a peripheral that allows you to be more productive. This will be demoed at CES and is for sure purely a concept thing, my hope is that big... Read more →

by dave

Top rated tablets on gdgt as of December 2011
After posting about user satisfaction with regard to the Kindle Tablet earlier today (see: I decided to take a quick look at the top rated tablets on gdgt (based on a minimum of 5 user reviews). Here are the top rated tablets as of December 12th, 2011 (Reviews are based on a 0 - 5 point scale).
  1. Apple iPad 2 (Rating: 4.5)
  2. ASUS Eee Pad Transformer (Rating: 4.4)
  3. Apple iPad (Rating: 4.4)
  4. Archos 5 Internet Tablet (Rating: 4.4)...
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by dave

Did you order a BlackBerry PlayBook order from Best Buy? Was your order canceled?
This weekend, Best Buy was allegedly going to sell BlackBerry PlayBooks for the ridiculously low price of $200. It turns out that Best Buy is apparently canceling orders for the PlayBook. Did you order one? Did you get a cancellation notice?
At this time, Best Buy still has the product listed on its site, though it's sold out online:
Screenshot (in case it's pulled):... Read more →

by frankspin

Adobe announced they will no longer develop Flash for mobile devices after 11.1. Are you going to miss it?
Adobe confirmed a report yesterday stating they were going to stop developing Flash for mobile device support such as Android & the Playbook in order to more aggressively focus on HTML5. They're going to keep developing flash for the PC but also begin to put more effort into HTML5 there as well.
Flash was a big marketing point by a lot of different mobile OS makers and now with them looking to make the shift do you think this will be a bad thing? Was Flash an important selling feature when... Read more →

by ryan

The Amazon tablet will look like a PlayBook -- because it basically is.
Update: don't miss the follow-up to this story, "Oh, one more thing about the Amazon tablet: the second, better version is coming very soon" (
As you might have heard from my man MG over at TechCrunch, Amazon's definitely got a Kindle tablet in the works, and supposedly looks a lot like RIM's failing (failed?) PlayBook: Well,... Read more →

by groovechicken

The Duopolizer: Has HP inadvertently prevented a third major tablet player?
I was thinking about the many consequences of the HP Touchpad meltdown we all just witnessed, and I am thinking the biggest consequence may be one that doesn't end up affecting HP at all. That consequence is to scare consumers away from taking a chance on any but the two established options for tablets, Apple and Google, and thereby establishing them as an immovable duopoly for the next three to five years. Some may point out that the problem with the TouchPad in the first place was a lack of... Read more →

by leigh

The interface. I'm in love!
I'm at a friend's house and realize that I don't have his wifi key. My phone died (RIP)... so I don't have a way to get a hold of him... and then I realize that his work gifted Playbook is sitting on his desk. I think, "Hmmm.... I wonder if it's unlocked... and I wonder if I can use it to contact him." Sure enough. It was unlocked! I quickly found the browser, got into my google account and sent him an SMS via my google voice account. It was super easy to navigate and intuitive. I really just... Read more →

by danrohde

What's the best way of getting movies onto your Playbook?
Since the device only comes with a music store, how do you guys plan to get movies on this thing? Are you just going to hook it up to your computer with a usb, and send flicks over that way? Or is there a simpler way of getting movies on here? i don't intend to stock up or anything, but I'm going on a long trip soon, and might not mind have a film or two on hand for the flight. Also, no headphone jack. Are bluetooth headphones the best way to go here? (Pretty damn expensive usually.)

by Cam

So I'm planning on buying a tablet sometime in the future, and I've got a few questions.
Firstly: I currently use a Blackberry 9650, which I love. I'd also love the Blackberry Bridge functionality from the PlayBook. But how functional would the PlayBook be if I bought a phone that isn't a Blackberry? Secondly: I'm not sure I'd buy into the TouchPad and WebOS (again) with it's developer support dwindling quickly. Is the app situation on WebOS as bad as it was last year? Third question: Is Honeycomb a viable option for tablets? I know the Xoom is basically... Read more →