June 12th 2009 11:35 pm

Heads up! A newer version of this product is out!


by Ogre

OS makes the storm a bagazillion times better. Yes, a bagazillion
I am running on my Storm and it is a whole new phone. I have never disliked the phone, but I did see its weaknesses, as any phone has. My only real complaint was that at times it was very slow. Well now it is amazing. The Updated OS is Superior to what the phone was released with and everything that had been released as of yet. I was contemplating getting a new phone, and the droid is mighty tempting, but with the OS refresh, I just don't want to anymore. If this was the OS...

by Viggen74

BlackBerry Storm 2 in October?
So I'm due for a new phone next month and I decided I'm going to stick with Verizon. I also decided I'm going to get a Storm despite the bad (mixed) reviews. I started doing some research today and found random posts/forums/articles on the Storm 2 coming out soon. I went to my local VZW store and asked an associate about it. He said it was coming but could not confirm when or what will be different. Big help, I know. I've read it might have wi-fi and they have done away with the... Read more →

by shah

Does the Blackberry Storm really Suck?
I have never heard someone on the web saying that the Storm is a good device or it works good.. no "GOOD" words are linked with the storm... and everyone says i returned mine and saw ppl returning their storm back to Verizon. But i have friends who use the STORM... does it really suck? if not then why this HATE?

by williamk firmware makes it much better, sort of...
Been running the beta firmware on my Storm for a little over a week now and overall I'd say its an improvement. Actually, some stuff is totally broken but at least I can see that the phone will get much better when the final version of the 5.0 software releases. Big improvements in moving between screens (nice animation added to transitions), the call screen is much nicer. The icons are small along the bottom so you dont press the speakerphone or mute when holding the phone against... Read more →

by SeanJJordan

Why is there so much hate for this great phone?
I switched to the Blackberry Storm from a well-loved Treo 650. I was ready for a change, and, since my mother-in-law works for Verizon Corporate, I was sort of obligated to stick with my carrier. I thought about getting the Curve, but I saw the Storm previews and thought I'd give it a try. I got one fully expecting to have issues with it, and was surprised at how much better of a smartphone it was than any other smartphone I'd tried, iPhone included. I know it takes a little time to get... Read more →

by threepio

The Essential Storm Screen Fix™
Hate your Storm? Find the screen mushy and unresponsive? Maybe it's been dropped from a small height and suddenly the corners of the screen no long recognize touch at all? Fear not, you can fix your Storm - and make it better than ever! The Storm screen sits over a single button. When the screen isn't pressing the button properly, it stops registering touch - and it makes the Storm feel like the crappiest phone ever. Tools you're going to need: -A slim sharp blade like an Xacto -A... Read more →

by joe1059

Worst Phone i've EVER had!
This is the biggest piece of garbage i've ever owned. Constantly freezing up; battery dies before the end of the day, problems receiving calls/data because it's frozen, you're limited to the number of "Apps" you can run! I can go on and on. I'm aware of the Storm 2 coming out this holiday season, but after having this device for my first BlackBerry experience, i'll never go back to the BlackBerry! As soon as Verizon has a device better than this to choose from,... Read more →