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Detailed review
My first BlackBerry was the Tour which I liked because of the physical keyboard but hated because of the OS (4.7 would crash if you loaded too many apps on it, meaning more than 20 more beyond what comes on the phone). So I ended up with a BlackBerry Storm 2 on Verizon. The up side is that I like the screen. I don't have a lot of confidence in regular touch screens but the requirement (for most actions) to actually depress the screen is nice. Not all apps require that which throws me off when I install a new app that requires a screen touch rather than a full depression of the screen. There are a few apps for the phone but nearly everything costs money (there are few free apps) and the ones that cost money usually start around $4 (one of the few things I like about the iPhone/iPod Touch is the pricing). HTML email is available but the formatting is kinda crappy so most of those I wait to read until I'm online. The browser is crappy at browsing regular web pages so don't plan on browsing more than websites that are designed for mobile web browsers; even then iPhone formatted sites don't always work either. Also, most of the data goes through the BB network so when it goes down you have a really big smartphone that only makes calls. Even though I gave it a 8.0 rating I think I'll consider another phone brand next time.