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axhng axhng

I would view this device as the Bold 9900's full touch screen counterpart. Since it has similar specs as the Bold 9900, other than some differences. It only has 4GB internal memory instead of 8GB, It doesn't have support for NFC, and the camera has auto-focus. But sadly, the materials used for...

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pavan50tola pavan50tola

I love blackberry and this is a brilliant effort from RIM. This smartphone completes all my mobile needs. It is fluid,smooth,never-crashing and a reliable Blackberry network is a great pick.

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andhika andhika

Pros (+) : Great 3.7" Display , biggest display among all Blackberry smartphones, text on messenger clearly and more readable than smaller blackberry, Best Camera , with 5MP (2560x1920), more crispy and sharper than my previous Blackberry Storm2. Cons (-) : Battery Life , you...

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