February 25th 2014 7:11 am

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  • Reception and call quality Better than even iPhone5s good
  • Display Not the greatest. But good enough for business so-so
  • Battery life Very good for its display size great!
  • Camera Never a Blackberry speciality so-so
  • Ease of use The usual hardships of Blackberry 10 OS so-so
  • Design and form factor Not the best size for quick draw usage so-so
  • Portability (size / weight) 5" is slightly on the inconvenient size for most operations, except to view the browser and perhaps video so-so
  • Media support Nothing there awful!
  • Durability I think this will last good
  • Ecosystem (apps, accessories, etc.) No such thing as far a Blackberry is concerned awful!
Detailed review
The first thing you would ever experience would be the slowness of the processor. You will be staring at a blank screen for a few seconds, before anything shows up. The only exception to this is the basic apps, like calendar etc.
There is not much on this phone; makes you feel that you are holding a dumb phone, because of the limited features of apps on the phone, as well as what is available as downloads.
Thank God the map now works in India. Thank God for that, because Google Maps is not available for Blackberry! Imagine that! Though still crude and limited in features, it works!
Now why would you ever buy the Z3? You know you are a hardcore Blackberry fan, if you ever buy one!