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  • Reception and call quality best I have ever had... low signal areas pick up fine. Got to love the antenna in this thing great!
  • Display Love the size... think it could have higher resolution. Amoled is nice! so-so
  • Battery life 2 days on a charge with moderate to heavy usage. 1 day during the work week for me. Great Life great!
  • Camera Love time shift, Camera is decent. Could be slightly higher resolution good
  • Ease of use Best in the Industry now. OS10.2.1 great!
  • Design and form factor great size and shape. great!
  • Portability (size / weight) Moderately heavier than other phones of the size. (bigger battery does that to you) good
  • Media support Everything but Netflix. I think that covers it. Flash I love and hate you. Best Browser great!
  • Durability Tough like OX great!
  • Ecosystem (apps, accessories, etc.) Great now - Native BB apps are fast and good, Android apps outside of Google play work great good
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Great form factor, great battery, Ease of use is the best in the industry. Ecosystem growing and the phone is capable of eating google apps now. BBM can not be underestimated as a messenger service that is secure. Best of all... best security in a phone.