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CNET Mar 12, 2013

The I’m Watch smartwatch runs Android and custom apps, but weak software and quirky performance mean you should pass on this pricey gadget.

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Laptop Magazine Jan 22, 2013

The I'm Watch is a gold, titanium or aluminum mine of unfulfilled potential. The wrist piece is absolutely stunning, the screen is bright and colorful, the speaker is loud and the preloaded apps provide useful though limited updates from your email, Twitter and Facebook accounts. If the I'm Watch...

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TrustedReviews Feb 6, 2013

The I’m Watch is a fascinating example of what could have been. Both the design and main interface are smart, but low grade apps, slow sync cycles and weak battery life waste this good work... the I’m Watch can improve with significant software updates, but as it stands it merely vindicates the...

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brianj1 brianj1

I have this watch now. After using it for a month I can now say that is quite a disappointment. As an android developer, this Its not my first picnic, here are some honest bits of information about this watch. 1. The pictures shown around are NOT the watch that is currently shipping in...

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ihatemyuserid ihatemyuserid

Do yourself a favor and get a MotoACTV and hack it or buy an iPod Nano and Lunatik or Tiktok band if you think you'd like a smart watch.

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The i'mWatch is beautiful and shows real promise, until you realize that it requires a full tethered data connection through the smartphone’s data plan -- essentially using the Bluetooth connection to a wireless hotspot. Without that tethered data connection, the i’mWatch loses the great...

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