by ihatemyuserid

This is the worst smart watch I've purchased.
The MotoACTV is 5x more functional and is way better-- the iOS nano with Lunatik band is the best on battery but leaves out most of the MotoACTV's functions. I use the MotoACTV for working out and running and the Nano for normal day-to-day. The i'mwatch has been unable to pair to any of my 6+ phones and REQUIRES bluetooth for connectivity... I work in IT in the US and have had zero luck connecting with mine or any of my friends phone. This thing is the biggest disappointment to date with a smart...

by marc

Is it time to consider buying a smart watch?
The idea of a watch that can do more than just tell time is nothing new. Dick Tracy's fictional two-way radio watch dates back to the 1930s, wrist PDAs have been around for as long as there were people willing to wear them (I count myself among that style-challenged demographic), and until it was shut down in January, you could still receive data on SPOT watches via Microsoft's MSN Direct service.
The failure of SPOT (the watches were first introduced in 2004, and were discontinued four years... Read more →

by dave

Fine, fine. I want this "smart watch."
Some of you may remember when the 6th-gen iPod nano came out a few years ago and I immediately dismissed suggestions of people wanting to use it as a watch. "No!" I said (see: http://gdgt.com/discuss/to-anyone-even-thinking-of-using-this-as-a-watch-a8c/)

However, I just discovered this beautiful thing and I want it. Badly.

So, I apologize for being so dismissive of the nano-watch. Because, this concept probably can be pretty cool.