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by dotbeepdoot

Best dual-phone a2dp single ear bluetooth on the market today??
I currently have and regularly use the Plantronics Voyager Pro Plus ( and while it is still functional I feel as if the technology has possibly gotten better over the last 2 years and I am currently interested in upgrading to another headset.
The main reason I am even considering this is because of the occasional drop out of audio when listening to music sometimes when turning my head the opposite direction of where my phone is, putting my phone in... Read more →

by andrewruess

Sort of freezes, won't reconnect?
I got my BlueAnt Z9i last week, and have been using it for about as long. Been charging it each night after use. Yesterday I noticed on my drive in to the office that I couldn't pick up calls with the Z9i. It was flashing blue, but my phone couldn't connect to it. I turned the Z9i off and on multiple times to no available. I then turned Bluetooth off in my phone and back on, still no connection. Turned my phone off and on, along with the BlueAnt, and still wouldn't connect.... Read more →