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I lost 18 pounds during my three months with the GoWear fit armband, although a strict diet could have been responsible, along with my interaction with the device, the display, and the Online Activity Manager. But I did find the Online Activity Manager very helpful in tracking my progress. By monitoring my caloric intake and burn, I was able to adjust my daily activity for more effective weight loss. The high hardware costs and monthly service fee might be a turnoff, but if you're committed to using the device all day every day, it just might pay off. quote

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PC Mag Jun 1, 2009

When used in conjunction with diet and exercise, the GoWear fit system can help you get healthier—but it requires a full-time commitment, and it doesn't come cheap.

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About Jan 7, 2013

I think this is a good system for those who want to track the intensity of their exercise, especially for exercises other than plain walking. It worked very well for me. The drawback is in needing to wear the armband.

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