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If you thought the only headphones you could get from Bose were expensive noise-cancelling models, think again. The AE2 doesn't include any noise-cancellation functionality, but it does offer up good sound at a surprisingly affordable price. The AE2 is also one of the lightest over-ear models around, making it extremely comfortable for long listening sessions. If you like it, and also use an iPhone, the AE2i comes with an inline mic and remote, for about $30 more.

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CNET Nov 21, 2010

If you can't afford Bose's noise-canceling models, the Bose AE2s--and their improved design and sound quality--make for a good alternative at half the price.

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PC Mag Nov 30, 2010

The Bose AE2 brings comfortable fit to a headphone pair that skips noise cancellation in favor of audio performance.

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Pocket-Lint Feb 8, 2011

It's hard to find fault with the AE2 headphones - the only factor that we could really point out is that they don't offer any noise-cancelling technology.

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CNET Asia Feb 24, 2012

Those that have always found the typical Bose sound signature too bass-heavy, will appreciate the new approach of these over-the-ears. They also offer a refreshing reprieve from the recent trend of headphones that deliver colored sound with too much exaggeration at the low end.

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TrustedReviews Sep 8, 2012

Although the Bose AE2 headphones don't offer Bose's signature noise cancellation technology, a much cheaper price point and more balanced sound signature mark them out as an excellent alternative to the QuietComfort 15s.

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ArmpitOfDeath ArmpitOfDeath

DESIGN / BUILD The AE2 is recognisably Bose in that it has design elements carried over from the old AE, as well as from the QC series of headphones. As with the around-ear QC and original AE, wearing this doesn’t mark you out as a total dork: The phone maintains a reasonably low profile on...

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sirdurable sirdurable

I'm not nearly the audio-geek many others are, so I am not going to comment on the sound quality or noise isolation....but I just had to comment that these are definitely one of the most comfortable sets of headphones that you can get. Wearing them all day at work is not a problem. I recently...

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Mogulux Mogulux

I just love the fact that they just released an additional cable that includes microphone and remote for the iPhone! I loved these before... but now they are just amazingly superb for all kinds of situations. Great sound, comfortable and just a pleasure to use.

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cneugebauer cneugebauer

These were my first part of over the ear headphones compared to several in ear monitors that I planned to use on my iMac. They sound great with a spacious sound stage when listening to rock, dance, and hip-hop however the bass tends to be on the low side along with highs that sound neutral which...

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