November 25th 2012 6:53 pm


Love watching TV? Well, it's about to get dramatically better. The Bose Solo TV sound system reveals much more of the depth and detail you're meant to hear in your favorite programs. The kind of sound most flat panel TVs simply cannot reproduce from their internal speakers.

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CNET Nov 28, 2012

Although its sonic talents are comparatively modest, the Bose Solo is an exceedingly handsome and easy-to-use sound bar.

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TrustedReviews Dec 5, 2013

As a simple way of boosting TV sonics, Solo does a decent job. It’s also well made and its design offers the right combination of style and stealth ... but better-specced rivals offer superior value for money.

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ninoguba ninoguba

It is a nice alternative to built-in TV speakers but at $400 and the Bose brand, I expected more. I still had to keep the volume up to clearly hear the conversations on the show/movie. And too bad it only supports one audio input at a time. You would need TOSLink switchers to handle more...

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