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Don't let the leather padding fool you: though these high-end headphones offer luxury styling, there's plenty of substance behind them as well. The P5s are designed to deliver a rich, "neutral" sound, which won't boost your bass, but will instead deliver well-balanced audio across a broad spectrum of music. Despite a design that makes them smaller and lighter than many over-the-head models, the snug fit blocks out most outside noise, and the reduced weight makes them more comfortable for extended listening sessions. Two cables are included: one has a remote that allows you to control playback on iOS devices, as well as a mic, in case you want to take a break from the music and use these to talk to people.

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CNET Apr 16, 2010

B&W's P5s aren't cheap, but they're well built, offer a unique design, rich sound, and a built-in microphone for making calls.

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CNET UK Apr 20, 2010

Bowers & Wilkins P5 headphones may cost a pretty penny, but they're well-built, look great and sound fantastic... If you're in the market for some high-end cans that you can wear out and about, we recommend you give these a listen.

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T3 Sep 23, 2011

Can B&W transfer that success to the mobile music market with the high-end audio specialist’s first ever pair of headphones? In a word; yes. The P5’s bring not only the trademark audio quality associated with the brand, but also a beautiful design.

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The Gadgeteer Sep 25, 2010

You can not only use the P5s for personal listening where isolation is imperative, but they are also something you can just listen to for extended periods of time, if for no other reason – because you can.

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mooney mooney

Overview. Hands down the best headphones I've ever owned. A little pricy, the P5s are rarely discounted below the $300 msrp, but still worth it. In my mind the fact that these command the full msrp compared to the common 30-50% online discounts on other similarly priced ["competing"]...

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This was a long debated purchase of mine. I usually listen to music on the go, and I had concerns about this set of headphone's durability and portability. When I heard Bowers and Wilkins were making a smaller P3 headphones, I wanted to compare the two side by side to make a decision. I went...

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mwuk mwuk

Little to add from the above, asides from B&W's phenomenal customer service. A minor fault developed with my pair (a part came loose in the headband after 18 months), and after a call to B&W they were replaced within 3 days.

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stevecla stevecla

beautifully crafted and outstanding sound quality. Only drawback is they're quite big if you're travelign light (hence I just ordered the B&W C5)

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atanvarno atanvarno

I tried a lot of headphones to use while working and these are absolutely stunning. One of the top 3 products I have ever bought. The fit snuggly and they are not perfectly comfortable but it's nothing to take against them, just that they are snug over the ears. They let just enough ambient...

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dadtherapy dadtherapy

What can I say, i'm a married dad of two toddlers. The only way I'm listening to music these days is with headphones when everyone is asleep. These throw me back to the days when I had to wear big phones to not disturb my parents. Now I'm rediscovering that feeling of hearing great music for the...

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