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Laptop Magazine Apr 6, 2011

Thanks to a partnership with Pogoplug, the Buffalo CloudStor network attached storage drive lets you easily access your files on the go from almost any device.

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StorageReview Oct 17, 2011

The Buffalo CloudStor is a great home storage solution for someone with a lot of media they want to share between home and mobile devices and might not want to deal with a complicated network setup process.

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ChipChick Apr 6, 2011

The Buffalo CloudStor is a compact NAS device that is easy to set-up, and very feature rich. If you’re looking for a NAS drive that will let you access and stream files remotely without much hassle, CloudStor rocks it.

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dave dave

In theory, this is a pretty awesome device. Network attached storage, with the ability to access your files and media from anywhere with your iPad or iPhone using the Pogoplug app. In practice, the insanely poor read and write speeds really hinder the usability of the Cloudstor. It took me...

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nbarnett nbarnett

It was difficult to pull media off of my hard drive. Finding the files always took a bit of time and the media separation made it more difficult to locate files. The internet interface was too complicated and plain listings of the files might have been easier.

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