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82 July 12th 2012 3:01 pm

The dual-interface Buffalo MiniStation Thunderbolt gets blazing speeds using either USB 3.0 or Thunderbolt, and is a great drive to get if you have a Mac laptop that includes Thunderbolt but not USB 3.0. It's priced well below other portable Thunderbolt drives, includes a Thunderbolt cable (something Apple charges $50 for), and is a handy way to share large files between a Thunderbolt-equipped Mac and USB 3.0-capable PC. show more

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CNET Jul 3, 2012

Versatile, good-looking, and fast enough for most applications, the Buffalo MiniStation Thunderbolt HD-PATU3 makes an excellent buy for those looking for a portable Thunderbolt storage device.

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PC Mag Sep 24, 2012

Since a significant portion of Apple's MacBook line now uses lower capacity flash storage, you'll need a place to put your large media files. The Buffalo Ministation Thunderbolt has a price premium over a plain USB 3.0 drive, but you'll get the much faster Thunderbolt interface. For video mavens,...

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Macworld Aug 15, 2012

If you have a late 2011 Mac with Thunderbolt, or a 2012 model that supports USB 3.0 and Thunderbolt, this drive will be great for backing up or storing your data, though its performance is hampered by its rotating drive platters.

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Network World Jul 2, 2012

The higher price point of the Thunderbolt interface may turn off some customers...But this may not matter if you're looking for an upgrade from USB 2.0 (or even FireWire) to Thunderbolt -- the speed jumps may make it worth the additional price.

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Computer Shopper Jul 13, 2012

Buffalo's speedy MiniStation portable hard drive complements MacBooks nicely and includes both Thunderbolt and USB 3.0 interfaces on the same drive, but it's not significantly faster using either interface versus the other.

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marc marc

The dual-interface Buffalo Ministation Thunderbolt gets blazing speeds using both USB 3.0 and Thunderbolt. In informal tests, using USB 3.0 on a recent Samsung laptop and Thunderbolt on a Mac mini, I easily transferred a 1.7GB file in well under 20 seconds, compared to about 1 1/2 minutes using...

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fbartolini fbartolini

Disappointing performance. the drive speed is very low to take any real advantage of the thunderbolt port. Only slightly better speeds than even a regular USB2 drive.

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