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by Ianny

Who would actually use Optimum Link?
When I turned on the TV just now I was greeted with an ad for Cablevision's Optimum Link service. This new bit of software allows you to share photos, internet videos, music and more between your computer and your TV by cloning your desktop. Of course, the service is an extra $4.95 a month on top of your already high bill. So, my question is this: who would actually use this feature? While it might be handy for people who only have a desktop computer or for anyone still using an SDTV, would... Read more →

by kris

Our building just got Verizon FiOS - what questions should we ask the representative?
A few months ago they wired our building for FiOS, and now it finally looks like they're going to be flipping the switch and offering us service. Currently we receive cable and internet through Cablevision, which hasn't been completely horrible but we could do much better. Our problems with Cablevision: * Expensive, especially when you're not on the special "Triple Play" (cable + internet + phone) package (which expires after a year though sometimes they will put us back on it when we call to... Read more →