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The Minx Air 100 is a compact wireless speaker that lets you stream music wirelessly at a reasonable price. If you like your speakers to stand out and be flashy, you may not like what CNET calls "an understated design" for the Minx Air 100. A notable feature of the Minx Air is its ability to stream music from your Bluetooth or AirPlay capable device -- or music services like Spotify -- without the need of a mobile app. When listening to music, Slashgear says "there’s an impressively broad soundstage during playback." What Hi-Fi had a similar experience, saying of the Minx Air 100, "it’s a big sound from a small speaker" but warns that you "never forget where the sound is coming from."

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PC Mag May 23, 2013

The Minx Air 100 doesn't deliver the most exciting sound, but it's the best small wireless speaker we've heard for jazz and classical music, at least at this price.

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CNET May 29, 2013

The Cambridge Audio Minx Air 100 is a great-looking speaker that supports Bluetooth, AirPlay, and Internet radio, but its sound quality is underwhelming, especially for its price.

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SlashGear Feb 23, 2013

We’d still head straight to Sonos if we had any ambitions to outfit multiple areas of a house with music, but for bringing audio to a single location – whether kitchen, bedroom, or office – the Minx speaker covers all the bases in a convenient way.

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What Hi-Fi Mar 4, 2013

It’s this versatility of options that makes the Cambridge Audio Minx Air 100 such an attractive proposition – there is nothing out there offering such a wide range of features, and at a price point that makes it feel like a bit of a bargain.

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T3 Feb 14, 2013

If you're after punchy yet balanced sound in a sleek design that will put your old all-in-one budget brand hi-fi system to shame, the Minx Air 100 is a great choice and a bargain in terms of build, usability and features.

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TrustedReviews Mar 24, 2013

The Cambridge Audio Minx Air 100 is a top-quality device in most respects. It boasts excellent build quality and enough well-implemented features to make it truly versatile, if not truly portable. However, we were a little disappointed by the performance of the BMR drivers.

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Ckdavies Ckdavies

This is a small package that weighs in much heavier than its form factor belies. It can pack a punch, but it needs a good input to appreciate the brilliance it is capable of. The built in Internet radio is a huge plus. I use it every day. The sound is so complete even when played quietly....

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