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Digital Photography Review Jan 28, 2009

So ultimately this is a lens which we'd encourage any Canon DSLR owner currently shooting with 'kit' zooms to try. The overall image quality when stopped down a bit is very impressive indeed, and the fast maximum aperture offers creative options which are well worth exploring.

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SLR Gear Dec 1, 2006

There's no getting around it, this is an inexpensive lens, which is immediately evident the moment you pick it up and feel its feather-light largely plastic construction. That said, it delivers surprising performance at a very reasonable price.

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Photozone Jun 18, 2005

The 50mm f/1.4 USM may be a tad better at large aperture settings and surely regarding build quality but at quite hefty extra costs. If you're on a budget the 50mm f/1.8 II is a good alternative here.

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ePHOTOzine Jul 22, 2011

The sharpness this lens can produce is impressive, especially when stopped down a little. Although the build quality and basic design may fall short of that offered by more expensive lenses, the low price point makes this optic excellent value.

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LensTip Feb 2, 2006

One should consider Canon EF 1.8/50 lens actually. For less than 400 PLN we can have a lens which is a very good supplement to the kit lens in its weak focal length range.

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Camera Labs Jul 30, 2013

The AF performance and build quality may be very basic, but the optical quality is surprisingly good for the money - indeed it outperforms many more expensive lenses.

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gregmardon gregmardon

Buying this lens is really a no brainer. Anyone with a canon camera should have this lens. If you have a nikon camera, buy the lens and then go cry in the corner for owning a nikon. I bought this lens about a year ago and it instantly became one of my favorite lenses. To start, it's...

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leigh leigh

I love this lens... sure, it's not the 50mm 1.4 or the 1.2... which both have superior optics and speed (and 3-6x the price). It's small, light weight... so i can toss it in my sweatshirt pocket and bypass carrying a camera bag. The lack of sharpness from the lower quality optics can be negated...

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xenoimpact xenoimpact

After reading glowing reviews about this lens and the nickname it got of "nifty-fifty", I decided to get one myself. I have to say that, for the money, this prime lens creates fantastic images. First of all, the f/1.8 allows for taking pictures with amazing boca. Focus is quick and...

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Elfboy26 Elfboy26

I love this little lens. It's tack sharp, fast, light, and CHEAP!! Build quality isn't great. The AF is slow and noisy but at this price there is no better lens out there.

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wrlee wrlee

Though I was put off by its plastic feel, it performed fine. For the price, it was a good buy... until it took a small drop, that is. Unfixable because a small plastic tab that holds two parts of the lens together broke. So the cheap feel was actually due to cheap construction. Nice that the lens...

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odysseus odysseus

Great lens for the price, just extremely fragile. Broke at a hockey game, knocked against a seat with minimal force. Not purchasing again.

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iambencurtis iambencurtis

DISCLAIMER: I shoot video and not stills. I used this lens for a single night's shooting, simply because of the ability to go down from f/2.8 to f/1.8, now I wish I had just stuck with the proper lens. The footage came out bright enough, but that is a credit to the f/1.8 and not the lens, any...

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