August 26th 2010 4:35 am

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by rajat1790

Regarding which lens to purchase
Hi All,

I am planning to purchase a DSLR.But I am a bit confused between canon T4iD and canon 60D.Please share your views and suggest me the best.
And along with the DSLR which lens should I get 18-55m and 55-250mm or should I go with 18-135mm.Please come come with your experiences.

Thanks a lot in advance

by AmigaBob

Magic Lantern 'Firmware' for EOS 60d
Upgraded my 60d with the Magic Lantern "firmware". It's sort of firmware in that it doesn't actually overwrite Canon's but it saved on your SD card and adds extra features.
The biggies for me have been being able to adjust the video bitrate (I can now get about 70min on a 8Gb SD) and more control over the audio recording. On long videos there is still the 4Gb limit, but you can set the camera to start recording again and you only loose 1-2 seconds. There are literally dozen of new features. So... Read more →

by jazzmanmq

Hiking with my Canon 60D
I have a Canon 60D and would like to be able to go on hikes and have my camera safely stored. I have a roomy Camelbak, but i don't feel like just putting my camera in my bag. I've done this and just kept it wrapped up in a sweat shirt. So on my hike I would probably want to pull my camera out, take shots, then put it back. I just like to be able to put it away when it starts to get a little heavy on my neck. Should I take the lens off? Is there a good way to store them for easy access, but also... Read more →