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In another era (say, about 2 years ago), a high-end compact like the PowerShot G12 might have been considered a good option for anyone ready to make the leap from a basic compact, but reticent about the complexity of a DSLR. However, with the rise of mirrorless compact interchangeable-lens cameras — some of which are available for about the same price as the G12 — there are fewer reasons to pick up a camera like this. However, if you want very good image quality, manual controls, and the ability to shoot RAW images — and really don't want to deal with interchangeable lenses of any kind — the G12 will still get the job done.

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CNET Feb 4, 2011

Relatively unchanged from its predecessor, save the addition of 720p video, the Canon PowerShot G12 remains a very good, more-or-less compact model, designed to please photo enthusiasts.

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DC Resource Jan 19, 2011

It offers a solid (though somewhat cluttered) design, great photo quality, features for beginners and enthusiasts, HD video, and more optional extras than anything else in its class.

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Digital Photography Review Jan 1, 2011

An excellent compact camera which offers an exceptional amount of manual control ... We have no hesitation in saying that the G12 is the best Canon G-series camera to date, but its original USP - as a bridge between compact cameras and DSLRs - is in danger of being eroded.

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Imaging Resource Nov 17, 2010

For the best image quality across the ISO range, the trophy clearly goes to the Canon G12. It's the best G-series PowerShot I've had my hands on.

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Camera Labs Nov 1, 2010

Ultimately we can recommend the G12 to enthusiasts who fully understand the other options available, but like the Lumix LX5, it misses out on our top rating in an increasing market of alternatives with big sensors.

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DigitalCameraReview Nov 2, 2010

Default images are very good, and there are settings aplenty for folks who shoot the manual modes and want to custom tailor their captures ... Still, the G12 is an excellent camera and none of the perceived shortcomings is fatal.

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TrustedReviews Nov 3, 2011

What you're buying into here is a camera that provides the build quality and manual controls of a mid-range DSLR yet remains just about pocketable ... For our money, though, we would take the faster more compact alternatives.

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Digital Trends Oct 4, 2010

With the influx of compact interchangeable lens cameras, we may be seeing the end of the era of the fully-featured, high-priced point-and-shoot. While it’s easy recommending the G12, it’s not the slam dunk it used to be.

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Photography Blog Oct 27, 2010

If you want an all-in-one camera that offers a tried and trusted user interface, speedy performance, excellent image quality and a versatile screen, the Canon Powershot G12 is very easy to recommend.

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Crave4iT Crave4iT

I've come to love it. Snapping a picture when something happens is very fast, and the internal stabilization works wonders, even when taking quick shots. I haven't seen many frames with blur on them. After larding a bit about shutter speeds and lighting, my pictures have improved greatly from my...

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wyspyrs wyspyrs

My first point and shoot and I am thrilled. Small enough to not be a DSLR, large enough to be taken seriously, and enough options to over-all "float my boat" :)

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captainzantor captainzantor

Very happy over all. Only two annoyances: sometimes refuses to focus in macro mode... don't know why... also dial on back needs to be a bit larger, less sensitive to touch.

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