September 15th 2011 9:10 am

Heads up! A newer version of this product is out!


by kris

Did you migrate back to Flickr?
Anyone who was on the Internet last week probably heard about the changes to Instagram's Terms of Service, where they say they can sell your photos to advertisers and other such commercial interests... at least, that's what everyone was going around saying. The Verge laid it out here:
Eventually they reversed course on the changes, but maybe it was too little, too late:... Read more →

by Mitchellmckenna

Amazon's Black Friday - Gold Box Deal (50% off!)
This gdgt must-have camera is the gold box deal of the day for this Black Friday. $229 for the Canon Powershot S100 (+ a free 8gb memory card), that's $200 off the list price of $429! Xmas shopping done!

by Badmojoman

Trying to decide if a point-and-shoot is still the best option for me?
I've traditionally used point-and-shoots for the past 10+ years (though I did use a Canon AE-1 way back in the day). I've not been blown away by the overall quality of pictures I've taken using the point and shoots (including my older Canon PowerShot from 2009). I haven't played around too much with some of the custom settings available on most point-and-shoots nowadays. I'm trying to determine if it's better for me to get an SLR or really dig into how to use what I currently have?

by leigh

The rumor mill says the Canon S100 release date has been pushed up.
I just put my pre-order in. Normally I wait for items to be out long enough for at least a minor price drop but the S95 was worth every penny and I have no doubt the S100 will be as well.
A few sites said that the release date had been pushed up into October (one with a pre-order screen shot) but my pre-order gives a delivery date ranging between the first week of November and second week of December... so my excitement when I started this post has lessened some... but not enough to not post.
My... Read more →

by dave

Canon announces the S95's successor -- the Canon S100.
Sounds like this is going to be an instant want list item for me!
From the press release:
When the PowerShot S95 Digital camera was announced in 2010, it received critical praise for having an impressive feature set and superb low-light capabilities. Building upon the success of this model is the PowerShot S100, featuring a host of upgrades making it a must-have for any photo enthusiast. Featuring a 12.1-megapixel CMOS image sensor — part of the HS SYSTEM — this versatile camera has a 24-120mm... Read more →