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MtnSloth MtnSloth

This review is specifically about 10.04 LTS. In my opinion, this is still the best version of Ubuntu for everyday use for most users - especially when the user is non-technical and/or risk averse. Once you get it installed, it runs well; and this includes running as a guest OS in VMware...

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LeEnfenteOrange LeEnfenteOrange

I had the least amount of problems with Ubuntu 10.04. The Netbook Edition was really great, especially for a newbie to Linux. Some of the coloration is a little boring (selection of screen items has brown highlights), but otherwise it was pretty beautiful. Unfortunately, Canonical no longer...

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simranjit simranjit

ive been using ubuntu as my only os since 8.04 and though i don't know much of CLI i've been able to do things in terminal just by simply copying and pasting instructions from websites --and it works :) The only prerequisite for using ubuntu is a good internet connection as you have to install...

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