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  • Ease of use Unity provides an easy-to-use GUI for new users, but it's simple to add a new window manager or access the terminal if you're a Linux person. good
  • Speed Blazing fast on an SSD. Pretty darn fast on an older and slower system. great!
  • Configurability You can do anything you want to Ubuntu. It's open-source. If you can't get it to do what you need, ask for help on the forums. great!
  • Ecosystem (apps, drivers, etc.) Great selection of apps and add-on options in the USC or apt. Some driver compatibility issues with certain companies, but getting better all the time. good
  • Openness No comments great!
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I'm pretty new to Ubuntu, only having used it since Natty Narwhal. Precise Pangolin provides many more features in Unity, a stable experience, and a complete computing experience for free. There is no reason you should not create at least an Ubuntu virtual machine to play around with. Go get it. Now! It's free :-)